Current is a curious mix of UK & US i.e. 110volts (US) but 50 cycles (UK) the wall plugs are the US type. We have adapters at the house, but take one with you (buy them at the airport).
Telephone / Overseas Calls
We recommend World Talk Calling Cards, as we know they work. If you have roaming on your cell, then use that.
Cell Phones
The cellular system in Jamaica operates on the TDMA network. So if your phone is TDMA compliant, and your carrier has a Roaming agreement in place with Cable & Wireless Mobile (Jamaica) or is one of these: Bell South, AT&T wireless, or Cingular Wireless, you'll be ok. UK Guests using O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile should also be ok, but check with your carrier before you travel. You can also rent or buy a phone locally from any DIGICEL store.
There is a high-speed Internet connection with WiFi access ! We suggest you take an extension cable, a surge protector, and a laptop.
Jamaica has its own Dollar currency, but while on the island you'll find the currency of choice is the US$, so take those with you. Last time we looked (2013) the rate was approx 1US$ to 96.54 JM$.